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Log In Instructions

To access the online system, follow these instructions:

1. Enter your Taylor University Student ID number (including the @ sign) (for example, ID = @00123456)

2. Your Password is the first eight digits of your SSN without the dashes (for example 12345678).

3. Click the SUBMIT button.

4. When you are ready to leave this site, be sure to click on the 'LOGOUT' button at the top of the screen instead of just closing the window or your information will be accessible to those who use this computer after you.


The following five instructions are the most common corrections to site access problems. You may not need to try all five corrections; you can work down in the listed order in attempt to resolve the problem.


1. Make sure you are logging in using the “@” symbol in front of the student id.

2. The student Password is only the first 8 digits of the Social Security Number.

3. Click the Submit button and not first time user.

4. Change browsers

5. Clear your cookies


If this still doesn’t resolve the problem, please contact our office at (765)998-5358.

Online Financial Aid System

Welcome to the Taylor University Online Financial Aid System. At this site, you can:

  • Check the status of your application.
  • View a list of documents we've received from you and a list of the documents still outstanding.
  • View your financial aid awards when your financial aid package has been completed as well as specific details about each award.
  • Begin the student and parent loan application process.